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D&B Grocers is in business to serve our customers. We offer more than a competitive price point — we take a holistic approach to doing business. We support our customers so they not only survive in the marketplace but also thrive and grow. We keep up with market trends so our customers can do the same.

At D&B, business is not just about dollars and sales; it’s about building trust and relationships. Trust is something you have to earn. We strive every day to earn and keep not just your business but your trust. We do not want to merely meet your expectations — we want to exceed them.


Telxon & Tagging

D&B Grocers provides Telxon handheld scanners so our customers can instantly and continually track their stock without time-wasting inventory checks. This wireless, portable system allows customers to operate more efficiently by knowing what their store has in stock and when items might need to be re-ordered.




Resets & Merchandising

D&B Grocers value the importance of presentation in the marketplace, so our merchandising department employs qualified staff members who periodically reset product line displays in your stores. We provide independent retailers with further merchandising expertise to facilitate business.

For example, did you know more merchandise is sold as a result of in-store presentation than all other forms of marketing and advertising? As a retailer, you offer a variety of products for sale. Our professional merchandisers can help you display those products in an appealing way that stimulates interest and entices customers to make a purchase.




Customized Product Selection

We understand each retailer has a unique customer base and those customers are looking for a variety of items that may not always be readily available to you. At D&B Grocers, we specialize in finding the items you need to satisfy your customers’ needs in a timely manner. This sense of urgency and the desire to help you meet your customers’ demands is a part of our core values that say, “successfully supplying your customers needs sets you apart from your competition.” Our goal is to ensure that you satisfy your customers by stocking your shelves with products they need and want. Your success is our success!

We are here to serve.





D&B Grocers customers have no need to hire expensive marketing experts to help boost business. Our professional staff serves as your private consultant at no additional cost to you. It’s yet another benefit of doing business with us.

Before entering the wholesale trade, D&B Grocers’ founders spent 21 years as independent retailers. Thus, we are well aware of the challenges you face in doing business in the ever-changing food industry. We offer quarterly seminars with the Associated Food and Petroleum Dealers to inform you about changes in the market and provide strategies for overcoming obstacles. Our free seminars give you the tools needed to excel and expertise that comes at a cost to other independent retailers.




Sample Seminars

1. Effective Competition Strategies: We help you with more than just teaching how to compete with businesses on the same playing field. We want our small-business owners to grow and prosper by learning how to effectively compete with such big guys as Meijer, Wal-Mart and Costco.

2. Staying Connected: Our direct ties to AFPD keep our independent retailers in the loop on developments in the industry and other business opportunities. D&B Grocers’ staff also conducts extensive research via publications and journals regarding the latest trends in the marketplace, such as new diet fads that appeal to the growing community of health-conscious consumers. Learn how to better serve and educate your clients and to get them coming back for more.

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