Mission Statement

At D&B Grocers, we understand how quickly the retail food industry changes, which is why we work directly with vendors and retailers to create opportunities that are profitable for both. It is our goal to not only meet our mission with excellent and honest service, but to ensure that we also serve the community in which we operate.

  • “We do business with D & B because they offer great deals on certain items, and because they keep the bigger wholesalers more competitive. They are a family business just like most of their customers.”

    Farmington Hills Michigan Grocer

  • “We do business with D & B Grocers because their pricing is by far the best, they are organized and professional, and they have a variety of products – everything from Faygo products to groceries and Kleenex. Their sales reps actually come out to our locations, check our stores’ inventories and take care of any issues. If you want a legitimate wholesaler, you’ll go to D & B Grocers.”

    Westland Michigan Grocer

Proudly Servicing Michigan, Ohio, Indiana & Illinois

D&B is constantly growing and available throughout Michigan as well as certain cities in Ohio, Indiana & Illinois. Contact us to find out more!

Announcing Our New Online Ordering System

Easily order products & sale items online. We are continuously launching new features to make it easier for you as our customer.